Wild Slovenia (2021)

  • from 3 February to 2 March
  • 1h 23m

The new film by Matej Vranič (Birds of the Lakes Return) is a wonderful documentary overview of natural environment richness in Slovenia, highlighted by very rarely seen scenes from the nature.

Among high peaks of the Alps ptarmigans hide in the snow, while ibex proudly raise their horns. A brown bear cub rolls out of its den. A white-tailed eagle with two-metre wingspan charges at a carp. A school of brown meagres swim in the sea. The film presents Slovenia’s diverse flora and fauna, focusing on mammals and birds, while also showing some of the interesting species of amphibians, fish, insects and plants. We set foot on some of the highest Alpine peaks and into remote Dinaric forests, travel across Pannonian plains, descend into caves and dive into the Adriatic Sea. What’s revealed to us is a stunning close-up of animal kingdom.

Verzija s pripovedovanjem v slovenščini in možnostjo angleških podnapisov je na voljo tukaj.


Matej Vranič






Fivia – Vojnik